How To Safely Overclock An HP Laptop

“It is a common tendency of the man to try to overextend his reach”

Surprisingly enough, this saying also refers to the users of HP laptops. While the hardware of these machines is quite robust, you cannot hope for much performance if you are on a budget. Fortunately for you, there is a safe(ish) way to bypass it. This way, also known as overclock has been assisting gamers around the world in churning out every bit of processing power from the system. Is it effective? Yes! Is it safe? Absolutely not! But, it is a well-known fact that “no risk leads to no reward”.

Also, our HP Support Canada have a safer way to overclock your computer

Overclocking refers to turning up the clock of the processor. This way, the processor churns out the upper limit of its processing power. But, this utility is not available in several earlier edition of the HP laptop. The primary pre-requisite of this utility is the Turbo-Boosted processor. To that end, if you do not have access to that, then tough luck. Otherwise, if you do have this sort of processor, you can follow the below instructions:

  • Restart or turn on the power of your system depending upon the current state. Our tip is to shut down the system, wait for a few minutes (say, 2) and then power up the system. Your computer should be cooled down enough to avail the following steps.
  • As the system starts, be swift and press upon the “F8” key to get into the computer’s BIOS.
  • Now, the task we are about to do is advanced. Therefore, avail yourself the advanced options by clicking on the “Advanced Tools” button. Once there, click on the “CPU Multiplier” tool.
  • Now, in this multiplier, raise the processing speed one step higher. Say, the multiplier has the pre-determined option of x4; you can raise it to x5. Once you have done this, restart your computer by clicking on the “F10” button.
  • Now, go to the internet and browse for a testing application called the Prime 9S. Install this app and start running the “Torture Test”. Wait for a 12 minutes and if the system crashes, go back to step 2
  • Now, if the system has not crashed, it gives you an option to enhance the speed even further. To that end, raise the multiplier by 1 in the CPU Multiplier Tool.
  • Keep doing this until the system crashes. The point before the crash is the sweet spot up to which the processor speed can be increased.

The step is fairly easy, but make sure that you heed to the following tips as well:

  • Do not increase the multiplier more than x1
  • If the CPU multiplier fails in the initial run, you should not overclock your system.
  • Make sure that the Air condition is on in the room.

If you still hit issues while performing the above steps, you can contact our experts via the toll-free HP Support Number Canada +1-844-478-5758. The entire ordeal of performing the above tasks is quite demanding for the PC. If not done properly, it might cause some permanent damage. Therefore, contacting these experts is the most prudent way to handle this task.

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